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About Ain't No Mo Butter Cakes
We got into business after 9/11, when Quincy quit his job to look for another just as Sheri was laid off from hers. Desperate to pay our bills and give our son a Christmas, Sheri started looking for something she could cook and sell. She came out of the kitchen with what we did not know at the time would be our Signature Butter Cake. But now you're able to enjoy our homestyle cooking as well and yes, you can still get our fine butter cakes.

Catered to you or served from our downtown Garland location, it's our pleasure.

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Ain't No Mo Butter Cakes is family-owned and operated. Since opening in 2001, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 
Sheri Brown, Owner
Quincy Brown, owner
Loving wife and mother, raised in the Dallas area after Sheri's mom and dad moved Sheri and her siblings from Monroe, Louisiana. A graduate of W.H. Adamson & Allstate Business College. Sheri is a former employee of the city of Dallas, also with a background in medical records. Sheri comes from a family of cooks. Sheri takes pride in her craft, as a baker & cook, and you can definitely taste it in every loving bite. 
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Devoted husband and father, raised in the Dallas area after Quincy's dad finished his enlistment in the USAF. Quincy has experience in sales, customer relations, and critical thinking. After being honorably discharged from the US National Guard, Quincy attended Eastfield Community College. Quincy worked in security, warehouse jobs, and as a licensed barber prior to working in car sales. Quincy takes pride as a owner and operator of the family business where he can utilize all of his natural talents